The Cape Town plot of land known as ERF81 is an anomaly: an inner city settlement and farm on an abandoned military base, situated on prime real estate nestled between the tourist icon of Table Mountain and gentrified Signal Hill. In this interstitial space an eccentric family of sorts has put down roots and defends it’s space against gentrification's advance. 

The residents are currently under the threat of eviction and this is a story that is universal; urban spaces unique in their character and endeavours are being sought out by individuals or companies who do not see past a monetary value. If ERF81 is lost we will lose much more than just an inner city settlement with a few families being removed. The wider community will also lose a valuable space where people from all backgrounds are welcomed, a place where individuals are able to reconnect with nature and to heal themselves, offering both the advantaged and disadvantaged the chance be a part of something unique. The intrinsic value of this parcel of land should not be measured in economic terms that will ultimately only benefit the few, but rather it should be valued for the benefits and opportunities the space and its residents provide to the greater community and to the city of Cape Town itself. 

Thethle, Vuyo and Lumko