Many of Sally’s projects engage with communities affected by industry or development. These are often marginalised communities living in “forgotten areas” where high levels of poverty, health and social issues make them an easy target for exploitation.

Growing up in the late stages of apartheid South Africa and the transition to democracy conscientised Sally to the extreme levels of inequality and injustice, and the ability of photography to amplify the voices of those who sometimes do not get a platform. 

In her work, she focuses on individuals and communities sharing their stories of what seems to be an almost insurmountable struggle. Communities and individuals confronting big business year in and year out, against all odds, and in some cases risking their very freedom.

2022- This Separated Isle exhibition at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow. 

2022- This Separated Isle exhibition at Ffotogallery in Cardiff.

2021- 1 image from the project ‘When The West Wind Blows' was selected in the BJP Decade of Change to be exhibited along with 39 other images in Hong Kong and New York.

2020- 2 images shortlisted for  BJP “Portrait of Britain” and published by Hoxton Mini Press in Portrait of Britain Vol.3.

2020 - A portrait from a long term project on Tibetans living in the UK was selected for Invisible Britain’s forthcoming book ‘The Separated Isle’. It was also featured on their Instagram page and in a related article in The Independent newspaper

2020 - Image from the project ‘Dust’ featured online for Social Documentary Network Spotlight

2020 - Image from the project ‘ERF81’ featured online for Social Documentary Network Spotlight

2019 - Invisible Britain featured the project ‘Along The Lane’ on their Instagram page.

2018 - Addis Foto Festival - Selection of project 'ERF81' and featured in a related article in the NY Times

2018 - Album Artwork and Cover for band Gypsyfingers - ‘Stranger Things’

2018 - Still images of the “glyphs” for the Utopic city of Orciny for BBC TV Series ‘The City & the City’

2017 - Photo book of Twin portraits for the photographer character Ronit in the Film ‘Disobedience’

2016 - Workshop with Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey - NYC

2016 - Magnum Masterclass with Jim Goldberg and Alessandro Sanguinetti - UK

2015 - Cortona On The Move/ Fotografia in Viaggio : OFF Circuit - Screening of project 'Oasis' on opening night

14/15 - VII Masterclass - Italy (Mentor - Christopher Morris) 2013 - Renaissance Photography Prize - shortlisted